Dock Floats

Unsinkable Floats 
For floating piers

Individually-tested products, guaranteed for 15 years.

All parts are manufactured with from medium-density polyethylene, ensuring good resistance to stress cracking, toughness, and good resistance to impact at low temperature. The finest (non-recycled) materials are used, stabilised with anti-UV agents and coloured with black pigment to provide good resistance to ultraviolet radiation.
The floats are resistant to salt water, attacks from marine flora and fauna, wave impact, hydrocarbons, and the formation of static ice. Suitable for external use, these floats come with a 15-year guarantee.

All floats are available in a ‘foam-filled’ version: the interior of the float is filled with expanded polystyrene beads, forming a block which offers maximum cohesion; thanks to a reliable and effective expansion process,  the float will not sink, even if the PE casing is broken or cracked.

Simple assembly

The floats are designed with ‘lights’ on the longitudinal lips, to enable them to be screwed down (the screws to be used will depend on the type of pontoon structure).
It’s also possible attaching floats in aluminium rails, whereby the floats are ‘fed’ into aluminium U-bars to be welded or screwed onto an aluminium structure (ideal for the renovation of existing pontoons, whose clearances may not necessarily correspond to our float dimensions).

The Environment

Float docks are made with recyclable materials and are themselves recyclable to 100%.