boat in high density polyethylene-unsinkable

Unsinkable boat

General Specifications project mt. 4.80
Catamaran hull with an angle of about 15 ° with different lift to bring the center of gravity dynamic than static during navigation.

Length f.t. 4m, 80
Width max. mt. 2.30
Construction height m. 1.35
Internal width mt. 1.50
Weight 250 Kg project
Capacity Kg 450
People capacity: 5

Material: high density polyethylene virgin colored with natural vegetable pasta.
This material is guaranteed for 10 years.

barchetta polietilene tender in polietilene

The boat is Guaranteed: waterproof, unsinkable, and most importantly, with a very high lateral stability.
Powerful engine: f.b. long shaft max. 40/60 hp without a license

barchetta inaffondabile
tender polietilene barca soccorso inaffondabile

Around the perimeter of the boat is protected from impact by a fender PVC.
It comes complete with kit and instructions for repairs that can be performed by the customer.
There are three different solutions in setting and colors: military, work and leisure.
- Length. 4.80-m width. 2.30 - Construction height m. 1.35 - Capacity: 5 people
- Engine installed Expectancy: 40/60 hp.

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This ambitious project was born with the aim of making a boat for a family of 5 people absolutely secure for their hobby on the sea, lakes and rivers.
It is intended for use along the coast.
The result is a boat of mt. 4.80 x 2.30 with a payload of about 450 kg completely watertight able to navigate filled with water.
His catamaran hull gives great lateral stability, which is essential with kids on board.
Another characteristic is: unsinkable.
It is made of polyethylene, a material very tough and resilient with a 10 year guarantee without all the problems of aging of fiberglass.
The boat then with these safety features and quality, it is truly within the reach of many.
Should be kept on gravel banks can be supplied with replaceable nylon pads hard.
Standard equipment includes all around, a pvc fender at the bottom, plus one fender pvc on top.
The boat is so totally protected from shocks without the need to place fenders.
In practice, we have developed a hull without maintenance competitive characteristics
navigation, useful space inside, safety on board equivalent to a mono-hull mt. 5.80 or a raft of mt. 5.50, but at the price of purchase equal to about 1/3 and with a duration in time of approximately 3 times and with a much higher resale value in relation to the purchase price: does not exist on the market to date no alternative comparable for quality and safety.