6 Eco srl. floating platforms and pontoons

Floatinf modular pontoons and platforms

We have 3 different modular floating systems: CUBEDOCK, the system in small units, the only one suitable for the sea and areas subject to waves, and ROTODOCK and POLYDOCK systems, larger modules for pontoons in calm water (sea, bays, ports).

pontili galleggianti modulari

Jet Ski Platform

Rotoport drive on jet ski port is the only port that has rollers, at the front of the port, down both sides and down the middle, this ensures that unlike other ports, your gelcoat is protected at all times. The roller system means that even the smallest of people can easily launch even the largest of the new generation of jet skis.

RotoPort jet ski floating platform is UV resistant and friendly to its local environment. It can be attached to all other forms of dock, whether they are floating or static.

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Cabins and wooden kiosks

We build and sell wooden cabins as changing rooms for beach clubs and swimming pools, snack bar and gazebo. Our constructions are simple to assemble, made in wooden panels. We also build houses and bungalows for campgrounds and resorts

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Unsinkable Polyetylene Boat

480x225cm totally unsinkable boat, made ​​of rotationally high density polyetylene.
Ideal as a tender, boat leisure or business, economic and functional at the same time.
Material: high density polyethylene reinforced . Boat completely waterproof, unsinkable.
Powerful engine f.b. long stem HP 40/60 without a license.

barchetta polietilene tender in polietilene

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